While I have been no Obama fan for a long time, his speech
at Tucson’s memorial service for those murdered by Jared Loughner was
wonderful. But this was even more a community event more than  a national event.  One of the less mentioned but I think important features of this service was the opening prayer by Carlos Gonzales. I found it wonderful that the Yaquis were recognized as important parts of the Tucson community, and that their spiritual tradition was shown respect. 

Neither was acceptable to the usual suspects.

The Wild Hunt reports on the mewling displeasures of the radical right and even some more mainstream
figures on a traditional Yaqui Indian blessing  given at the memorial service for those murdered in Tucson. 

To this my first thought is what possible business is it of
theirs? One is not surprised that such spiritually filthy people as Michelle
Malkin  poured bile on a prayer given at a service by a person she did not know
representing a tradition she did not understand, for people she did not know to
a crowd she did not know and whom she obviously disliked, and in a place at
which she was not present.  Poison
is mostly what Michelle Malkin is about.

But where do the ignoranti of the mainstream media get off
doing the same?  This was a telling and inappropriate display of the spiritual ignorance and bigotry so characteristic of monopolistic monotheism .  


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