Read this report of the religious garbage American soldiers are exposed to, and shudder. 

During the Thirty Years War between Catholics, Protestants, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be living in “Christian” Europe, “christian’ killed ‘Christian’ for not being the right kind of Christian.  As for non-Christians, they’d already killed most of those.  Millions died.  One third the population of Germany died, and it took about 100 years for the population to recover.  The statistics were the same in what is now the Czech Republic. “Men of God” killed and plundered while worshipping their Sauronic master, who played all sides.

Now subversive lying imbeciles in the US military are setting the stage for similar stuff here at home. The chaplains and other criminals who are betraying their oaths of office and the American people need to be court martialed and drummed out of the service for all time.  For the worst offenders, a little jail time might be a good idea as well.
One of the most important groups in the US today is the Military Religious Freedom Foundation,  Please support them any way you can.
Thanks to Makarios for the “heads up!”
Also courtesy Makarios, another serious example of subversion in the military. These “prayer breakfasts” are the brainchild of The Family, a theocratic and undemocratic group  associated with some of the most hypocritical and corrupt politicians in Washington DC.  Read my discussion of these jokers: “Sauron’s Minions.”
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