We had a wonderful Yule celebration last night in Berkeley,
where I was an invited guest (my own group meets tonight).

Rains have socked in all over California, and while our celebration was wonderful, we despaired
of seeing the eclipse,  But when I
walked outside at the end of our ritual meal, high overhead a hole has emerged in
the clouds and the moon was about half covered with the earth’s shadow.  The hole stayed mostly unobstructed
until minutes before the full eclipse, when the omnipresent clouds finally
moved in for good.

Must have been some pretty good weather magick.  It reminded me of when there was a
complete solar eclipse in the Pacific Northwest years ago, in 1979.  Some friends went up to the recreation
of Stonehenge
in the Columbia Gorge at Maryhill to watch it from there.  They were joined by Pagans from all
over the Northwest.  And the media.

It being the Northwest, a rainstorm moved in blocking the
view.  The Pagans worked some
weather magick – and over Stonehenge a hole appeared in the clouds so they and
the media could see the eclipse.

As the story is told there were no other holes anywhere
close by.

Magick as I experience it is the “non-coincidental
accumulation of meaningful coincidences.”

Merry Yule!

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