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The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, made of up Americans who take the Constitution seriously, is blowing the whistle on the  Sauronic imbeciles masquerading as “christians” who still wield distressing power at the US Air Force Academy.  This kind of ‘religion’ […]

Brandy Williams  was Theurgicon’s second presenter.  She focused on the second set of texts most associated with this branch of Neoplatonism, the Chaldean Oracles. They were the final part of the Hermetic tradition to develop, during the 2nd and 3rd centuries […]

I took a day off from the chaos of beginning my move when Theurgicon convened in Berkeley Saturday, August 21.  The disruption of the move plus the wanting to do justice to the richness of the presentations has kept me from […]

Don Frew has just sent me another contribution to this blog.  I am happy about this for two reasons.  First is that Don is one of the most knowledgeable people I know about the Craft and its history.  I have […]

To me the Equinoxes Ostara and Mabon are particularly Pagan in their symbolism even though they have long been the least commonly celebrated of our contemporary sacred days.  Solstices were far easier to calculate and symbolized the great dualities of […]

Three (now four) recent posts on the web have brought home the truth of the class war being waged in this country – by the corporate and financial aristocracy of privileged chislers against everyone else – with a cheering section […]

Almost every week I drive to the Bay Area to do some healing work where mainstream medicine has proven unsuccessful.  Afterwards I often join my friend and noted Wiccan Don Frew for dinner, The Daily Show, and stimulating conversation.  One […]

Christine O’Donnnell, the “Christian” right’s candidate for US Senator from Delaware reports she dated a witch and  did so  “on a Satanic altar.”  Very interesting at many levels beyond the likely possibility  that she made it up or embellished it […]

I haven’t offered one of these in a while, and things are still in a bit of turmoil around here – so anyone wanting to introduce a topic, introduce away!

Getting settled into my new place has really disrupted my writing for now.  But the vegetable and flower gardens have given me a chance to reconnect viscerally with the earth, an opportunity that has been very rare for the past […]