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Theurgy is the late Classical Neoplatonic practice whose
closest modern equivalent is Drawing Down the Moon.  In both cases the practitioner achieves temporary unity with
a deity, and is to some degree transformed in the process.  These similarities, along with some
others, are the reason why some investigators of our history argue that Wicca’s
earliest major roots lie not in Celtic Britain or stone age Europe but in late
Classical times. 

On  Saturday
August 28 a number of experienced Pagans will be presenting Theurgicon in
Berkeley, California. 

Tony Mierzwiki will give a talk on  Hermeticism followed by Brandy Williams on the Chaldean
Oracles in the Western Mystery Tradition. Don Frew will present on Neoplatonism
and Wicca today, Diana Young on the Nexus of Mystic and Magus and Sam Webster
on Theurgy in our community. 
Details of these presentations can be seen here

If you are able to attend and are interested in how contemporary
Paganism may owe an enormous debt to our late Classical ancestors, and can
still learn from them, you might think about attending.  Barring the unexpected I’ll be there
for sure.


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