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Anyone thinking that the organized opposition to the Islamic Cultural Center in New York is motivated by anything more noble than hatred and bigotry should take a look at the video of yesterday’s demonstration in New York by people who might somehow think they are good citizens and decent human beings. 

 And then if you have time, read Glenn Greenwald’s analysis surrounding the link above. 
This is not a liberal/conservative issue, as a very few honest conservatives, such as Eugene Volokh, Grover Norquist, and Ron Paul have come out against these outbursts of savagery.  Nor is it really a Democrat/Republican issue, as Howard Dean and Harry Reid have proven much too morally weak to stand for what is right.  This is a decency/hatred, civilization/barbarism issue.  Had this been Germany in the 30s, the people in this video would have been enthusiastic participants in Krystallnacht – unless they were Jewish.
Given a chance these people would treat us the same.
I will place a list of additional conservatives with the integrity to denounce the savages and their depraved leaders as I learn of them. Joe Scarborough is now one.  So is Ted Olson.  This is a litmus test for  to what extent conservatism is worth treating as something other than a social disease.
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