I’ve been in NY for the past few days at a conference on philanthropy, one attended by a variety of people in academia and the world of philanthropy who are in no way a part of our community.  I am heartened that so many have heard of Wicca and NeoPaganism and seem to take it, me, and us in stride as just one more of the facets of the modern world.  That is very hopeful for our future.

On the other hand, this East Coast heat wave is something fierce and makes me glad I live within the edges of California’s fog belt.  Flying here I transferred in Atlanta.  As the plane landed the crew asked us to close our window shades and turn on the overhead air conditioners full blast, as the heat was coming through within a few minutes of touchdown. The people who said last winter’s cold was proof there was no global warming have been silent on the heat.  Of course, neither a heat wave nor a cold spell proves anything – it’s averages that matter, and the averages are pretty clear.  But the double standards of the ‘skeptics’ is annoying.  How do they live with themselves?

I grew up in Kansas and never got used to mid-western heat combined with humidity.  Sunday I drive down to Virginia to see family and work with a guy who may be taking a more active role in the studiesinemergentorder.com journal.  More heat and humidity, but the drive will be beautiful, as is Virginia.  Still, I’ll be glad to get home this coming Thursday.

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