I’m soon moving to a place with many fine gardens shared with people who are open to the magickal side of nature.  I am already imagining returning to the way I gardened here years ago, when I had the land and space to do it.  The land responds when you cultivate it energetically as well as physically.  This included weekly offerings of tobacco, rum, and a candle at a otherwise wild part of the yard. The results were spectacular.

So it was with great pleasure when I read on my Facebook page via Jason Pitzi-Waters that Barbancourt Rhum is the preferred offering for many Voudon spirits and using it is a good way to help the people of Haiti.  Once I get established I’ll be upgrading my weekly offerings!  If you have land for a garden I urge you to begin making acquaintance with the energies and spirits that share the space.  In my experience it will take some time, but it’s worth it.
(I just noticed, the articles I linked to were initially posted by Apuleius, who often participates here.  Thanks Apuleius!)
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