Oklahoma’s ‘small government’ and ‘freedom’ advocates have struck another blow at women through big government and coercion.  The state legislature’s Sauronic majority passed a bill outlawing getting abortion coverage in health insurance policies.  This gives most Pagans and other decent people a wonderful opportunity.

I have made this suggestion elsewhere, and hopefully it will one day be read by a person, woman most likely, who is in a position to do something about it.

NOW or some similar organization with the infrastructure to pull this off should create a national fund, fueled by private donations, to pay for abortions for women who need them and cannot afford them.  The details should make it possible for contributors to put whatever limitations they wish on their donation.  For example, someone should feel free to donate knowing their money will go only to fund rape and incest victims, if that is what they believe.  Others could make more open ended donations.  
This voluntarily maintained fund would bring enormous help to women who need it most.  It would also help pry away those who would deny women the right to make this choice for themselves from the decent majority of the country on this issue.  I would immediately donate, both to help those who need it and poke a stick in the eye of those who cannot mind their own business.
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