Tonight my Wicca 101 class nears its end, with my first female student experiencing Drawing Down the Moon for the first time.  In subsequent classes other women will have their own opportunity to encounter the Lady.  

It’s been most of a year since we began last Fall.  Meeting weekly and every other week after the basics were covered, we have grown into a pretty good group.  Some attrition happened of course, but I am confident in the skills of those who remained.  
They can cast a circle, move energy, shield, understand basic safety, know something of crystals and herbs (though not as much on the latter as I’d hoped.  Events conspired against having my herbalist friends expand on what I know.)   They also know and have experienced and practiced the basics in healing others, both in circle and outside it.  These budding Witches heal!  Now many are ready for what I regard as the greatest spiritual gift we have to offer – experiencing personal encounters with our deities.
After all have had this experience some have said they want to start a coven and invite some other experienced Pagans who are casting about for a group to join.  And I’ll begin thinking about starting another Wicca 101 at summer’s end.  
It has been a wonderful experience, and I hope others are inspired to do the same.
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