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It’s quite a video

Democracy makes minority religions such as ours relatively safe, but it makes one demand on all citizens: that they be willing to listen to reasons for views different from their own and attempt to understand them.

The lunatics that call themselves conservatives these days are utterly incapable of being responsible democratic citizens because it is inconceivable to them that anyone with ideas different from their own can be a good person or loyal to this country.  Digby got it just right

I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that tea partiers are having fits over a health care plan which they claim is a usurpation of our constitutional rights, but stripping Americans of their citizenship when someone suspects them of a crime is worth considering. Torture and indefinite imprisonment are perfectly in keeping with our founding principles but asking people to fill out a census form is Big Brother in action. Profiling anyone who some beat cop thinks might not be a citizen is a-ok, but making it difficult for terrorist suspects to buy a gun is an assault on the constitution. What the hell?

I am more and more inclined to think that Ram Dass might have had it right when someone asked him years ago whether the world was getting better.  He thought for a while and answered that “People enter the fourth grade and people graduate from the fourth grade.  But there is always a fourth grade.”  
If he is right, the entering class is a most unimpressive lot, and I suspect they will be held back for quite a while.
More and more I find sanity in nature, and think this country has gone bonkers.  If only I didn’t like the classroom so much…
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