Yes, the Sauronic imbeciles that make up a majority of the Texas Board of “Education” have just voted to removed mention of Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, third President of the United States, and better human being than all of these losers added together when teaching the Enlightenment’s impact on social change.  Thomas Aquinas and John Calvin, neither of whom are Enlightenment figures, were added. But heck, that’s just endorsing bad history and we shouldn’t let no silly facts get in the way of these self-righteous ‘conservative’ hacks.

The abject stupidity of these people simply exceeds my ability to understand. I am ashamed to include them in the same species as myself and the other human beings I know.  That they call themselves “patriots” suggests they all need a course in remedial English.  I’ll stop now before I say something that while accurate, will not be appropriate in this forum.
UPDATE: Mark Kleiman has it about right.  These people hate the principles on which our country was founded.  They hate them.
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