I recently received a suggestion that Beliefnet might post a gallery with 10 of the WORST portrayals of Pagans in the movies, combined with 3 or 4 sentences as to why each was bad, maybe with links. I responded that I think this is a good idea – but I no longer see all that many movies, though the nasty witch and her flying monkeys in The Wizard of Ox would be a good start…

Then I thought of my readers, who vastly out number me in knowledge of this issue.  Might we (you) come up with a list of the 10 worst?  My thinking at the moment is to have you send in nominations, and a brief 3 or 4 sentence reason why you chose them.  Once a bunch have come in I’ll create a list of them all.  
At that point we’ll have a short period of a few days where folks could debate the merits.  Then – and here I am a bit nervous because there are a LOT of lurkers out here – we could have some sort of vote, assuming we have more than 10, or maybe just to rank them.
So let’s use THIS place to discuss the issue and pros and cons of different nominations and how to make the final selection.  I will post another immediately after this one that will have “NOMINATIONS” as its heading – and that is where movies can be nominated, with a brief description.
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