A old anti-government hypocrite living off Social Security disability payments is becoming a focal point for organized violent intimidation.  Incidents of violent intimidation have escalated since health care reform was passed.  Rachel Maddow has a wonderful broadcast of the current state of affairs.

At this point I am sure it will backfire against these criminals and
their Republican cheerleaders, but given their emphasis on
“Christianity” as the official religion and threats of violence now escalating into attacks on property with promises of worse to come, we should keep an eye open and an ear cocked at
what these terrorists are doing.

More examples

injuries to others described as “collateral damage”

death threat

home vandalization

vandalism threats and threats to kill children

Members of Congress getting increased security after Teabag threats

Right wing “Christian” love in action (listen to the love on their phone calls)

 Latest update– shows Christian’ Right connection in all its bloody ignorance and hate and compiles incidents nation-wide.

The report that second ranking House Republican Eric Cantor’s office had been shot at, so  right-wing violence is not the only political violence, has turned out to be not true. It was a lie. Police say it was a stray bullet not aimed at anything in particular with barely enough power to break glass.
Nine ‘Christian’ militiamen have been charged with multiple serious crimes after they apparently laid plans to murder police officers in hopes of setting off a popular rebellion.  Initially they were going to fight the anti-christ, but I guess got tired of waiting for their opportunity to kill.
Down in Arizona the leaders of the “Minutemen” have dissolved the national organization after confronting the serious possibility of major violence by their members – and perhaps being liable for it legally.  The ‘patriots’ are still organized at the state level.
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