Anne has a podcast interview of Patrick McCollum’s religious freedom struggle here on Blog o’ Gnosis.  It’s worth your while as McCollum gives vastly more detail and depth to this issue than is available in a published format.

The two-faced hypocrisy and nastiness of so many of the people at California’s Dept. of Corrections is amazing, disturbing, and a powerful testimony to the Sauronic depravity of far too many conservative Christians working for the state.  For example, locking Wiccan prisoners into solitary confinement BECAUSE they were Wiccan.  Similar nastiness has befallen Buddhists, Mormons (are you listening, Mormon allies of the Christian right?) and other minority faiths.  
To make my point clear, this lawlessness does not include all members of the dominant faiths involved in the Dept. of Corrections, but it involves way too many in positions of power.
The totalitarian heart of the Christian right is beating strongly in California..
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