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Sorn and Low Key have led me to re-examine my comments about Vikings in my post on the loss of America’s soul. The Norsemen were not quite the villains they have been depicted as by Christian historians.  They suggested Prudence …Read More

Beliefnet has asked my to urge you to respond to a short survey regarding blogs.  Please click here and help them out.

My workshops on Energy Healing at Pantheacon were simultaneously great successes and great frustrations.  I’d done it for several years, the numbers slowly growing.  Then, in 2008, the turnout more than filled a room, leaving me space about the size …Read More

Whole Foods, which touts its support for locally grown food and organic agriculture, imports a great deal of its frozen food from China. So says a report from ABC’s I-Team.    We are all aware of current Chinese honesty and quality …Read More

Like people, no country is all good and no country is all bad.  Great heroism can occur in the worst of times and great evils can happen among the most enlightened of peoples.  That said, the impact of some countries has …Read More

Anne has a podcast interview of Patrick McCollum’s religious freedom struggle here on Blog o’ Gnosis.  It’s worth your while as McCollum gives vastly more detail and depth to this issue than is available in a published format. The two-faced …Read More

UPDATE below John Yoo, whose illegal actions for George Bush have been defended by Obama’s so-called ‘Justice’ Department, has argued the President could legally order an entire village of civilians massacred.  Michael Isikoff at Newsweek caught the follow depravity in …Read More

The wonderful Pagan singer, Celia, came to Sonoma County yesterday.  While readers of this blog know I admire her work, we had never met.  However she had emailed me she would be singing at a meeting of Catholics concerned with …Read More

The “war” between certain kinds of religion and science is continuing unabated.  The village atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris use this kind of thing to lambast religion in general, just as Christian Fundamentalists give all kinds of …Read More

Wild Hunt has done wonderful work in making more information available.  See Jason Pitzi-Water’s latest report here.  And he also had a piece when McCoillum met with Obama Administration officials to discuss issues such as religious discrimination.  Pitzi-Waters quotes McCollum  …Read More