The Supreme Court’s ruling allowing corporations to spend as
much money as they want influencing elections is a horrifying example of how
conservative sociopaths differ from any Pagan perspective, and why ALL
religious people should do everything in their power to undermine and
eventually reverse this insane ruling.

The entire purpose of democratic politics is to enable every
citizen (read, human being) to have an opportunity to vote on matters of
concern to their entire community.  Idealy they do so after hearing reasoned discussion on the
issues, or at least hearing enough so their vote will usually be the same as it
would be if they had become very well informed. No democracy achieves this
perfectly, and the US does a worse job than many others, but to the
degree this country is worth supporting, this is its reason for existence.  The Declaration of Independence and the
Preamble to our Constitution are very explicit on this issue.

A corporation has been specifically designed to be a
sociopath, that is, interested only in what serves its interests, which is
making money for shareholders.  As
an institution it is  incapable of
acting with concern for any value but that.  Milton Friedman made a famous argument that not only is this
true, it should be true and acting otherwise is dishonest on the part of the
CEO.  Being more decent than
Friedman, corporate CEOs often fudge a little bit his advice, but only a little bit.  Doing anything that reduces
profit opens them up to being ousted in a unfriendly takeover by a group whose
moral scruples are lower. The classic example is what happened to California’s Pacific Lumber Company.

Most shareholders do not even know what companies they own
let alone the moral issues facing management.  They own mutual funds whose entire reason for
existence is to invest in the best performing shares.  In corporations there is a race to the moral bottom, already
spectacularly achieved in the banking industry.  But that is because they are even more obviously money driven than other corporations.

Because of their enormous wealth corporations have been
given a privileged position in American politics, even more than they already enjoyed.  This is like giving clinical
sociopaths several thousand more votes than morally balanced Americans.  

That “conservative” “justices” Roberts, Thomas, Scalia, Alito, and Kennedy (neither word really applies to these men) could
make such a ruling demonstrates the moral nihilism that hides under the mask of
all their babble about “original intent,” “strict construction,” “the constitution,” and
“morality.”  Conservatism today is
the most subversively un-American doctrine this country has ever had to face since the
arguments of the Confederacy.

Five disloyal so-called Americans have broken their oath of office and done all they can to
destroy our increasingly fragile democracy.  I hope justice will eventually prevail not only on this
issue, but also on their standing in history.


There is now an effort to agitate for the impeachment of these justices for treason against the Constitution and the American people.  It is entirely warranted.  Here is one good analysis of why, although I do not know whether she supports impeachment.

Here is where you can find out more.

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