There will be a Day for Gerald Gardner at the Charge of the Goddess Conference in London, UK, this September 12, 2010.  This conference celebrating the life and influence of Gerald Gardner hopefully will interest any Pagans in the British Isles or who like to travel a lot.  Last year’s celebration for Doreen Valiente filled up, so act soon if you want to attend.  

  • At least Lois Bourne, Zach Cox, Philip Heselton, Ronald Hutton and Fred Lamond will be present.  I am fortunate to know some of these people, who are among the most knowledgeable around regarding the history and practice of British Traditional Wicca.  They are also wonderful human beings.  I’d go myself if I were closer.  

The announcement passed on to me said: 

Last year we sold out in advance of the Day for Doreen Valiente and tickets sales are already selling very quickly so far this week. So please, if you want to come don’t rely on turning up on the day. Last year was only ever intended to be a one-off event but so many people

have asked us to honour other Pagan Elders that have shaped our traditions that this will now be an annual event. At least for the next few years. 

We know that we could have taken on a much bigger venue but the atmosphere created by those 500 people last September would be lost in a larger space. So we would prefer to keep it small and intimate. Yes to an extent it is about raising much needed funding for the Trust and
Museum project but not at the expense of bigger being better.

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