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Another that speaks for itself, and more. A Different Heaven Who will remember the truth, behind the way morning glories devour fences and telephone poles, is life hunger and the way it feels to stretch out delicate green tendrils and […]

I asked J. L. Stanley, the woman  whose poetry often moves me more than almost any others, to suggest a poems for Imbolc.  She sent me many. I cannot choose among them, for they all bring me to beyond myself. […]

Michael O’Hare over at the Reality Based Community has a very interesting analysis of why, even though talking on a cell phone while driving is seriously dangerous, when people stopped talking through their hand held instruments in favor of blue […]

A constitutional amendment that both conservatives and liberals can support, and that would do worlds of good, might seem to good to be true, but Juan Enriquez has come up with a winner.  A proposed 28th Amendment states Congress shall […]

Yes, right in the heart of where the Christian Right did its best to turn our airmen into zealots for Jesus,  a stone circle has been officially added to worship facilities at our Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs. The article […]

Imbolc or Brigit is fast approaching.  My Wicca 101 group will soon learn about candle consecration as we prepare new quarter candles.  This year we’ll do the altar candles as well, for there isn’t much left of them.  

I try and stay away from politics, and then things like this happen that prove to me beyond reasonable doubt that many of those who dominate our country are truly as evil as human beings can become.

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON IMPEACHMENT BELOW The Supreme Court’s ruling allowing corporations to spend as much money as they want influencing elections is a horrifying example of how conservative sociopaths differ from any Pagan perspective, and why ALL religious people should […]

Many years ago when I first heard about the issue of gay/lesbian marriage, my initial reaction was “Big deal – there are more important issues around.”  My second reaction was “Marriage has traditionally been between a man and a woman, […]

Salon has an interview well worth reading with Carol Joffe, author of Dispatches from the Abortion Wars.  In this time of Christian terrorism it is heartening to read a sane but sobering analysis of this issue.