I had come across so many right wing and Christian attacks on James Cameron’s Avatar that I made up my mind definitely to see it, and to write on it after doing so.  But I haven’t seen it yet.  The right wing and Christian attack on its pantheism is now apparently taking off big time, making me all the more eager to see it.  I imagine other Pagans have seen it by now, and Jason Pitzi-Waters has a great discussion of the issues the movie raises over at Wild Hunt along with an invitation to those who have seen it to contribute their insights.  Apparently its pantheism is what is causing the right wing and their Christian allies the most conniptions.  Its truthfulness in science fiction form about how we treat people standing in the way of what we want is also upsetting to them.  truth hurts, even when in story form.

After he saw it Adrian Ivakhiv also made a great post on the movie. If sanity ever comes to this civilization, it may be through a resurgence of pantheism. Judging from those he upsets, I hope Cameron makes a billion.
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