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Spending Thanksgiving in Lawrence, Kansas, was not a good way to get much writing done for this blog.  Between seeing my family, from brothers and sisters-in-law to their kids and their kids’ kids, plus other wives, cousins and their succeeding …Read More

From someone whose only wisdom in this case was to listen to a friend. About a year ago my friend Michael convinced me to get an external hard drive for back up.  Without that back up, when my hard drive …Read More

One of the nicest things about Pagans is that in general we do not get into hot arguments about theology.  What unites our smaller communities are common practices, not common beliefs.  We are little worried if others are not Wiccans …Read More

Yesterday a poor crashed hard drive was removed from this computer, and a new super duper one installed in its place.  The good folks at MacAdvantage said I had replaced an economy car with a Hummer.  Most of the rest …Read More

I found a way in to post – courtesy of the error I made on my last blog post.  I’ll correct it  when I leave Maine.  But again, that post that should have been there is here.  Enjoy   It’s …Read More

Courtesy of Balloon Juice, a very nice piece by Faun.

I spent all of yesterday crossing the country from California to Maine.   I’m taking advantage of a free ticket I got from being “bumped” on a flight months ago in order to be at my godson’s birthday party up mid-coast …Read More

Some interesting comments about my “Drawing Down the Moon” piece in “12 Things…” have prompted me to offer a longer discussion, based mostly on my personal experience. 

The anti-choice folks have struck again, holding over 60% of the country hostage to their irrational beliefs as a price for health care reform.  No health care reform unless abortion is made even more difficult than it already is.  If …Read More

Pagans are among the newest and oldest of religions. The earliest Pagans were among the hunting and gathering peoples at the dawn of history, while today’s NeoPagans arose within the modern world and work within cutting edge businesses and sciences. …Read More