I have have been asked to prepare a special page on 12 things you didn’t know about Paganism for Beliefnet.  I have come up with a preliminary 11.  They are NOT set in stone.  For Pagan readers: any suggestions?  For non-Pagan readers, any thing I have not covered that you’d like to see?

1. Do Pagans Believe in God?

2. Are Pagans witches?

3. Is there a difference between
Pagans and Wiccans?

4. Do Pagans sacrifice animals?

5. Do Pagans seek converts?

6. What is a Sabbat?

7. What is “Drawing Down the

8. Do Pagans worship Nature?

9. Do Pagans Hate Christ?

10. Do Pagans have a scripture?

11. What is the difference
between NeoPagans and Pagans?

Please be aware that while I am not wedded to these particular 11, if I get a lot of suggestions, some will of necessity be left out.  I’m limited to 12.  I mean no disrespect if yours is left out, and I’ll try and do a separate post on it.

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