Thomas Berry has died today.   He had been a central figure in helping Western Christians, those willing to look and learn anyway, re-establishing connectedness with the sacred immanence we Pagans find in nature.

Other giants in ecological and spiritual thought have also died recently: Arne Naess, who developed the term ‘deep ecology’  and did so much to help anyone who took the time to see how we all connect with the wild world also died earlier this year. 

Val Plumwood,  one of the greats in ecofeminism, who came to a similar understanding from a different direction passed on in 2008.  

The greatest thinkers help us experience our world and lives in new and more profound ways.  By that standard they were great   men and women.

I am witnessing a passing of the guard among those who helped me and so many others better understand our love of the earth.  For those who took the time to understand, they helped shatter this society’s dark spell of death on the living world. 

May their work live as long as the rivers shall run and the sun shall shine.

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