This week some new bloggers will appear.

Today I finished a manuscript I’ve been working on for 4 years.  It’s working title is “The 60s, the Culture Wars, and the Return of the Divine Feminine.”  I am fried. 

Probably explains my shortness with the so-called ‘pro-life’ crowd –
and certainly explains my political focus of late.  Acquaintance does not make the heart grow
fonder, though it gives me a chance to work on my compassion.


I’m celebrating by heading to the Northwest for a couple of weeks.  See friends and immerse myself in the wild a bit.

I’ve taken advantage of this to ask some very talented Pagan authors and bloggers with different takes from mine to guest blog.

Joyce and River Higgenbotham, Anne Hill. and T. Thorne Coyle will be
appearing.  They are not mini-Gus’s. I have no idea what they will say.

They are also a very talented group.  If all goes well, and Beliefnet does not object, they may appear with some regularity.

Be nice!

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