Hecate reports on how the war on drugs in Mexico has spilled over into indiscriminate attacks on shrines to Santa Muerte “Saint Death,” whose shrines are popular among those who live in violent neighborhoods, including some drug dealers.  Because of the latter the government is destroying everyone’s shrines.  Go on over to her site and find out more.  While you are there, stay a while.  Her two blogs have been favorites of mine for a long time, and I’m asking the techies at Beliefnet to add the most Pagan one to my list on this blog.

Throughout Latin America among both slaves and Indians, the ritual intricacies of Catholicism enabled them to continue respect and devotion to their old gods under the guise of honoring some of the Church’s many saints.  Santeria is the best known example.   Just as in Ireland with Saint Bridget and the Celtic goddess Brigid, and in similar cases throughout Europe.    Santa Muerte, appears to have similarly pre-Christian roots.

Alas, the war against any kind of consciousness different from that of an average preacher, banker or college professor continues unabated.  No matter how much ‘collateral damage’ is done in the process.

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