Rowan Fairgrove sent me this fascinating article on 10 Words Not to Use With Muslims, advising President Obama on how he can avoid being misunderstood when addressing a Muslim audience.  Some suprised me.  She wonders whether  the same might hold in Christian/Pagan interfaith dialogue, and other hopefully respectful discussions.

I think hers is a good question.  So while this is a Pagan blog, and I hope Pagans will join in with their experiences, to my Christian lurkers, and those who do not lurk, are there terms Pagans use when addressing or describing Christians that get in the way of clear and respectful communication?  Try has already made a good point that has led me to try and remember that in nearly all cases when I criticize “Fundamentalists” I am really criticizing “Fundamentalist fanatics.”  I will try and keep his suggestion in mind.

Any others?

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