While we are a small portion of America’s population, on occasion we can be mighty.  Ten years ago the Headwaters Forest  in northern California was saved from the rape and pillage methods of logging by Texas financiers who took over a responsibly managed Pacific Lumber company to liquidate its assets and make themselves a fortune.  Pagans played a disproportionate role in bringing their plans to a halt.

Thousands of environmental activists joined with Earth First! In tree sitting and other actions designed to bring Maxxam Corporation’s plans to a halt.  One died, others were maimed  or cruelly treated by local law enforcement stooges, the FBI,  and corporate supporting terrorists, but in time, we won.  I participated in many efforts to support this action by members and former members of Reclaiming, and our community was well represented at all levels of the effort, from fund raising to on-the-ground activism.

Today the old growth redwoods at Headwaters have been mostly rescued while Maxxam owned Pacific Lumber has gone bankrupt, eloquent testimony to the incompatibility of maximizing corporate profits and preserving the earth.

On March 1 the ten year anniversary of the final rescue of Headwaters Forest, there is a celebration of the victory.  Not a complete victory to be sure, but a major one nonetheless.  You can read about it here and know that we played a constructive role in its outcome..

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