California is justly famous for its Spring wildflowers. Here in Sonoma County, the hike from Shell Beach to Red Hill is one of my favorites. It isn’t long, and the views are wonderful. In the Spring the flowers are the best I personally have seen on the coast, and they get better the higher you go. Ambitious hikers can start at Shell Beach and make a loop to the top of Red Hill, then down to Pomo Canyon and back by a lower route. It is wonderful as well.

Here is a photo of a field of wildflowers near the top of Red Hill. (More photos are at my smugmug site. Not everything is identifed yet, but it will be.). This post inaugurates my venture into supplying my own photographs and enables me to venture into exploring the beauties of nature in ways I have not been able to on this blog. Given the sorry state of our country, it is nice to be able to see something pure and peaceful for a change. It is better to experience it, and of late I’ve needed an especially big immersion. The energies of the natural world are a source of spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal as well as reminding me a context exists far greater than the battles of egos and fears that so dominate our human world.
To learn how better to experience the energies of nature, go here.

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