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Years ago I ran a small company selling my artwork on stationery, envelopes, and note cards, along with occasional prints. It grew until I was marketing in many western national parks and stationery stores. I also sold at art and craft fairs. DiZerega Graphics enabled me to write a dissertation without a mountain of debt, learn why academics and businesspeople so often misunderstand one another, meet people I’d never encounter in a graduate school, and later filled in the financial void between teaching positions. It was a success for me, and for those who loved my work.

Once email began growing in popularity, my sales began dropping. I decided if I wanted to continue the company I’d have to settle on a small number of designs and market them nationally. I’d become more a manager, and less an artist.

No thank you.

But I always regretted closing DiZerega Graphics down.

Now I am reviving it as part of the net’s gift economy. I am putting many old stationery designs up for you too look at. If you see one you like you can just down load the jpeg, or email me for a high resolution pdf file that should print out about as well as the old paper designs. Upon your request I will send it to you. For free. You can click here to go to the designs I’ve made available. I will add more soon.

Just send a comment to one of my posts – and in the text do two things. First, put enough text in so that when I go through and weed out the spam, I won’t accidentally weed yours out. Maybe put ‘Paper Order’ in the headline so I can easily see it is not for viagra or sex pics. Then, tell me what you want and give me your email.

I understand there are various web devices to pick up email addresses, so give yours to me as follows:

Your email name “AT” the rest “DOT” the ‘com’ or ‘org’ or what-have-you

Be sure to spell out “AT” and “DOT” and leave spaces. That should frustrate the bastards.


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