Prayer is powerful. Our prayers are how we ask Spirit, the Angels, God, Master Jesus, Quan Yin, Master Buddha, or the Great Central Sun. (He who is known by names but is the unable one) for what we need in our lives.  When I first began to pray out loud, it wan’t easy. I am good at it now as I have learned how powerful our words are and the magic they can create. (Or the havoc too, if we are not conscious or careful of how we use those magic phrases.)

Recently while clearing out old things I came across a prayer that I wrote in a book. I loved it. I do not remember if I read it somewhere or if the words came from my heart. The were in a journal in my handwriting, but that could be because I love it so much. Regardless of it’s origin, it came from Spirit.

“Today, I ask that TRUTH be revealed to me.

Truth is eternal;

Truth is the essence of my soul.

Truth is my connection to the divine source of all life.

Today, I welcome the presence of Truth as the Universal intelligence that knows exactly what I must do in every situation, under all circumstances.

No matter what appears before me today, I know there is a greater truth grounded in Love, Power, Peace, Joy, and Wisdom that will guide and protect me.

Today I invoke the presence of Truth, as the Light that will cast out all thoughts of separation, limitation, and confusion.”

And so it is.


Your angel guidance is to make up a prayer for your life.

Prayer is a powerful tool. Using the will and the word helps us create thoughts of love, joy, and happiness. It can transform every aspect of your life. Choose your words wisely and well and let them be your magic wand to help you create the life of your dreams.

Love and Blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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