Sometimes Spirit puts things in your path to make life a bit more interesting lol. This past few months feel like I have lived a lifetime like a movie – Start to finish in an hour and a half!

It has been awhile since I have been able to sit at the computer and try to write more than a few sentences. Those of you get my daily angel messages in your inbox know that I have not been able to do much typing since my epic fail at jumping out of the back of truck, BACKWARDS no less, while I was fooling around one fine April Afternoon…things didn’t go so well after that.

It seems that since most of the world was on a time out during the Covid-19 experience, I was working harder than ever keeping our most vulnerable in food and in their homes. I co-ordinate the Meals on Wheels program here and we were kept really busy keeping people safe. One afternoon about 6 weeks into the shutdown of everything, I was cleaning my truck out after doing the meals on wheels program since I had to wash my clothes anyway. When I was all done, I remember taking a breath of fresh air and feeling the wonderful energy of spring. I had not had time for much of anything since the snow melted and so I guess was having a bit of spring fever.

As I stood there on my tailgate, I remember thinking how beautiful the birds were singing, a gentle breeze was blowing through the trees, and the sun was shinning down so beautifully. I decided to jump off my truck instead of get down like a normal person lol. I remember thinking…”I should limber up since I am not that young anymore.” So, I loosened up my muscles and my joints and then jumped into the air….and I can’t remember what really happened next…

I heard my angels say…oh dear…you aren’t 12 anymore…next thing I knew I was perpendicular to the ground and going straight down…I thought…oh dear, then thud… straight down, hit my head on an exposed tree root..and the world went dark for a bit.

I have no idea how long I was out…my dogs thought it was wonderful to have mom on the ground and were licking my face to awaken me. I laid there for a bit and thought well since no one has come to check on me, at least no one witnessed my epic fail and I might as well let mother earth heal me for a bit. Since I was down anyway lol. About another half hour went by and I decided to go inside. Once I got inside, I had to nap.

A few hours went by as I had this deep coma nap. My mom called me around 530 pm and awoke me (I think…it is kind of hazy). We briefly chatted and went on with our evenings. A few hours later I realized that I had never really woke up from that nap and I still felt completly groggy. I then realized I had a concussion and that I better let someone know so they could check on me. Turns out I had one heck of a concussion, not just the mild one I thought I had. Four months later and I am still dealing with the symptoms.

Things are getting better for sure… but what a slow process. I was not able to rest and do nothing as sometimes the good of the many outweigh the good of the one. So…my angels told me that while I was out…I had an exit point I didn’t take…hmmm…I love those as that means there are some really interesting things that are happening on the earth plane that I was willing to say to watch play out.

I am excited to see what unfolds. Certainly I have notices changes in my abilities to tap into other realms and my can’t wait to get back to writing again to share all things I have learned during my meditations with my guides and angels.

Your angel guidance is to look at this time as the Great Shift we have been waiting for

Create a spiritual practice that you can carry on with after this big shift. Use your alone time to develop a mediation practice and start working with your angels, guides, and higher selves today. Once this time is over, you will be masters and ready for the next chapter in your book of life.

Love and Blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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