New Moon’s are for setting intention. We have our 2nd on of the month coming up, which doesn’t happen that often. Being a Moon Child – both my sun and my moon are in Cancer – I feel the phases in all its glory.

We are influenced by the moon. We are filled with water, just like our planet.  This powerful moon moves our oceans, so surely we feel it, whether we realize it or not. When I worked in a nursing home, I paid attention to the new moons because the residents were usually over the top during these phases. Most people think it is the full moon but I would see way stranger things on a new moon than on a full moon. Full moons get more media, and I love the energy of the full moon. But, I think the new moons are way more powerful than we realize.
So, lets decide now what seeds we want plant in our gardens for the next season. After the new moon, mercury starts correcting it’s spin and that is a great time to plant new seeds. You have some important goals to accomplish. This is the perfect time to make a decision and make a plan.  It is time to take those daydreams and make them a reality.
Setting intentions should be fun, simple, and productive. Let your daydreams become a reality and begin consciously choosing this new reality.

Your Angel Guidance is to decide what you want next and begin setting intention now and planting the seeds you wish to sow:

Start to notice the difference in your thoughts and feelings with the moon’s cycles. Learn to harness the energy that can move our oceans to help shift your world.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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