I am shocked! Those who know me well, know I am not a big shopper. I am a girl who doesn’t like shopping lol. I always jokingly say that the shopping gene missed me and hit my son.  Well, this past weekend I went out of town with my Mom and my sister and I actually asked if we could go to The Bay and do some shopping. I am sure they were a bit shocked and of course said sure. I was the one that ended up completely surprised!



We had been in the car for a bit so we all need to use the facilities when we arrived. I found them first so I  sent out a text. (you got to love modern technology sometimes lol). When they found me again a bit later, I was standing in the middle of store having a moment.


They asked me what I was doing just standing there? I had a smile, like the Mona Lisa, on my face…for never in a million years would I have guessed that I would miss the smell of a department store! For me this was a cathartic moment.

As a full blown, everything wide open empath…shopping isn’t always fun. Yet here I stood in the middle of the store just loving it. I loved the smell..it was truly divine. I loved the lights, the airiness, and the smell. I keep going back to the smell because I really, really liked it lol.

It brought back memories of days gone by, a forgotten era…or soon to be. One of my favourite stores to shop at was Woodward’s in Vancouver. I was sad when they sold and the stores closed. When I was a small child there was a department store in town called Mackenzie’s. It had a food department, clothes, furniture, and more. Santa pictures at Christmas and everything you needed in one stop. These places where gathering places where you got everything you needed and visited with friends and neighbours.

I think the store brought all of those happy thoughts and feelings to the surface and made me feel good deep inside. I didn’t find what I originally came for but we all left with something new to commemorate our visit and had a lot of fun doing it.

I miss the department store of old. Walmart might offer most of those things I mentions, but I have never ever walked into a Walmart and noticed a smell I wanted to sniff twice, nor left saying wholeheartedly that that was a fun adventure lol!

Your Angel Guidance is to do something from the past and see what memories it invokes:

Your angel guidance is to do something to invoke a memory from the past…it might be interesting what it has to teach you! I thank my angels for taking me on that little shopping adventure.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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