Are you willing to walk your talk ? Then you are ready to have Archangel Michael to overlight your journey. If you want to work on Archangel Michael’s Team – Get yourself Committed Now – Committed to your journey that is! There is no better archangel to have your back, but he does expect you to do your work! Are you Ready?

walk your talk

Archangel Michael is probably the most popular or well known of all the archangels. An archangel is like a boss angel and there is no better way to start working with your angels than join Archangel Michael’s team.

Rosy or warm cheeks lets you know that Archangel Michael is hanging out with you. Blue or purple orbs, or sparkles of light can be seen around you too. You will also have repetitive thoughts and feelings that are empowering and positive action. He does expect that you step up to the plate should you choose to ask this archangel to work with you.

To work with the angels, all you have to do is ask and then pay attention to the signs, they will be there.

Angel Invocation (prayer):

“I ask for God and the Angels to surround me in your loving and protective light. I ask Archangel Michael to clear away any lower energies, or thoughts and feelings that are not for my highest good. I know that as I walk each step, you are by my side and it is safe for me to walk in my truth. Amen”

Your Angel Guidance is to start to walk your talk in full consciousness:

Become more aware of your thoughts and actions. Are your thoughts and words saying the same thing? Are you words and actions working together? When you live your life in this way, you are on Archangel Michael’s team and he will overlight your life!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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