Claircognizance is Clear Knowing.  For most of you this is the first sense that you learn to trust and if you don’t trust it now, it is high time you did. This is your guidance systems at its finest. When your thought and feelings give you messages as the answers to your prayers. When you are tapped into your knowing it can provide you with all that every really need.


“To get in touch with your claircongizance energy, you must first learn to develop trust within yourself of the information that comes to you. In order to do this,  you need to learn to tap into and trust your inner knowing. Where are you getting the information you are using to guide yourself? Many times humans tap into their mental body and ego self and think this is guidance or information from their guides and angels, and it is not always so. Sometimes they doubt the information and add their ego flavour to the message. Then, they make decisions and choices that they later regret or view as a failure. Others can sense the lack of integrity and it erodes trust. The student then can give up on trying to understand the messages they seek.”

When you ask Archangel Uriel to help enlighten your ability to know, he will send you signs. Pay attention to thoughts and ideas that come to you as they are the answers to your prayers. They come to you in the form of repetitive thoughts telling you to take steps and make healthy changes. Don’t discount your thoughts, or think they’re just dreams or commonplace. Your thoughts are tuned to high frequencies when you ask Archangel Uriel to light the way. These are trustworthy inspirations. All Great inventions, new businesses, and teachings stem from this same universal source of wisdom. You are tapping into the Divine Wisdom right now, and it’s important to notice and record your thoughts. Then act upon these answers to your prayers!”

Archangel Uriel works on the ruby ray which is made up of purple and gold. It is the ray of wisdom and spirituality. His name means “God is my light” or “Light of God” and he is here to help in developing higher wisdom and understanding. You will know when he is helping you by the repetitive thoughts and feelings that are empowering and positive action.

Your Angel Guidance is to work on trusting your knowing – trusting your claircongzicance

When you are working with Archangel Uriel to develop your claircognizance, journal about your experiences. This will help you track your progress. When you learn to trust your knowing, magic begins to happen in your life!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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