When challenges meet you, use these tools to greet them! Sometimes life gives you a wild ride and it is hard to remember the best ways to handle these trying times. Here are some tips from the angels to help you to overcome life’s challenges.


If you have been facing some difficult times, make sure you take the time to surround yourself in a positive light. These are usually the times we forget what we know works. Or sometimes these are the times when we are learning to see the gift from an experience through the challenges we put in our way.

Spend time each morning doing a visualization or a meditation.  Surround yourself in a loving light. Ask your angels to help you with this if you are unsure what to do, then just trust that this is so.

First begin by clearing yourself of all of the energy around your body. We pick up energy from everyone and everything, even if we aren’t aware of it. This can be done in the shower, letting the water do the work. You can visualize white fire cleansing you in a vortex of light and letting Mother Earth transform it, or any other practice you currently have that is working for you.

Next, ground yourself. Imagine that your feet are magnatized to the Earth and all of its richness. Visualize walking around on the Earth and feel the ground beneath you. Better yet, go outside and walk around consciously, barefoot on the grass. Feel the healing power of Mother Earth. Let this energy move through your body and heal you.

Shield and Protect yourself. This helps to keep you clear of dense, negative, or lower vibrating energy. It helps give you the armour you need to meet the challenges of life like a super hero. You are now ‘Energy Girl’ or ‘Energy Guy’ lol. Although we say that with humour, truly that is what you are becoming, so wear your cape or crown proudly.

Although not an angel, the Master to help you overcome Challenges is Ganesha. He is the elephant headed Hindu god and a wonderful master to work with. He also makes a wonderful gift, especially for a new home or for a house warming.  The archangel to call in should the challenges be too much is Archangel Jeremiel. He is the one you called upon for your life review. With these two in your corner, you will regain your strength and be back tackling the World, like a super hero once again!

Your Angel Guidance is to create a daily spiritual practice for overcoming challenges

Remember these simple steps to help you regain your footing and balance:

  1. Clear yourself.
  2. Ground Yourself.
  3. Shield and Protect.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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