Angel Guidance

We have been going through a huge shift once again and learning how you work in this new energy makes for some fun during these shifting times. Have you been feeling it?


There are people you absolutely love who aren’t going to like this new shifting you. Be okay with that. As you are shifting, you begin to realize you are not the same person you were before. Things have changed. Some of the things you used to tolerate have become intolerable.

As you learn how you work and who you are in this new energy, you will find that now there times when before you would have remained silent, you can no longer. There were times before when you have spoke up, and now you remain silent. You begin to understand your value in a new way, and this is as it should be.

As you begin to understand your value, there are just some situations that are not worth your time, your energy, or your focus. You start to become pickier about where you invest your energy, time, and money.

Try not to stress over disappointments. Things will go. Know that new things will also come and they are far grander than that which you left behind. It is time to go find yourself. The World is yours.

Your Angel Guidance is to be patient while you assimilate these shifting times.

Everyone is a work in progress. If you were done with the earth experience, you would have moved on by now. If you have been used to saying yes, sometimes it takes time to learn to say no. Remember if you are doing things or being with people to make others happy, it will not be working. In these shifting times, your well-being should always be first.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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