Ending your day in an Angelic Way is not only a great way to let go of your day and fall asleep, it is a fantastic tool of transformation.



Creating a night time routine as part of your spirit practice greatly enhances you life. It helps you sleep better. It helps you let go of the day’s activities, which often are the reasons for sleep issues.

Create some affirmation to help you end your day in an angelic way:

  1. I have done my best today.
  2. I am peace with my life, myself, and my world.
  3. I am at peace.
  4. I am grateful for the opportunities that today has brought my way and thankful for the wisdom I have gain through these beautiful experiences.
  5. Everything I did today leads me to a better tomorrow and I am thankful for these gifts.
  6. Tomorrow is a new day filled with endless opportunities and abundant possibilities and I am ready for them to enter into my life now.

When you work with your angels they make life flow a little easier. When you decide to go to sleep with your angels, you will find answers to your questions through your dreams. Your angels are here to work with you and they want to help you to enhance your life in wondrous and angelic ways, let them help you today!

Set your intention for tomorrow to be filled with whatever comes next. Let the angels worry about what that looks like, just be open to good things you have set on your way. Release your attachment to things. Release your attachment to the how’s. Trust that it is and shall be. Let this be your knowing and hold no other. As you believe, so shall it be.

Your Angel Guidance is to begin a night time routine to help you create a better way the Angelic Way!

Here are some simple practices that can help you in ending your day in an angelic way:

Create a statement about what you would like your life to look like. Begin something like, “I am so happy and grateful now that ……… (describe what you would like your life to be like in the present tense)…and I am thankful everyday for this life!

Read this statement before you go to bed after you have cleared yourself of the day’s activities, good or bad. It is so important to let go. You’ve done the best you could for that day, and be proud of your accomplishments in a compassionate and loving way. Like your angels!

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