I was recently asked in a private session about the importance of ending prayers or masterminds with “For the Good of All.” I thought the angels gave her such a wonderful answer that I would share it with you here.


The angels have always taught us to pay attention to the power of words and what it says in our asking. Becoming more conscious of your thoughts, words, and deeds is paramount to learning to live in the light. I hope their beautiful answer helps you choose what is right and best for you:

“What is good for you or best for you is always what is good and best for all or the many. You are all connected to one another and so what is good for one contributes to the ‘good of the whole.’ Now if you are making it all about you with no consideration to the thoughts and feelings of others, then that is not something that is for the ‘good’ of others. If there is something you are wanting, it is important for you to let your spirit self know, without a doubt, what it is you would like to create. If you don’t care about the time table in your creation, they certainly add in a caveat that states you are prepared to wait until others needs are met first and then have your moment. We would like for you to pick and choose when time is of the essence and when it is not. This is the fastest way for you to become conscious partners and creators with entourage of light beings who are here to help you.

Your Angel Guidance is to see how the “Good of You” is for the “Good of All”:

Try this little experiment with the parking faeries next time you go shopping. A few minutes before you get to the parking lot, ask your angels to help you find the perfect spot for you. For example, if walking is a challenge, ask for one up front and available. If you have a big vehicle, ask for one that is the perfect for you. Keep a record of your results.  Then, try a few times of ask for your spot and ending it with ‘for the good of all’ and see what happens.

I have found that when I add the ‘good of all’ in then I don’t always get what I wanted. I am okay with that most of the time as I a generous person and usually don’t mind waiting for those who can’t or won’t. If I am in a hurry, I just don’t add in the ‘for the good of all’ as I know that doesn’t necessarily put my needs up front.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox


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