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Are you listening to your Ego talking or are you listening to  Soul Talk? Knowing the difference between the two can be tricky. Most often the ego is louder and therefore the one we tend to follow and then wonder why things haven’t turned out as planned.


Your soul is directly connected to the Universe, to you, and  to the All that Is.  Your soul is you, your spirit self, your authentic self, a particle of Creator light. When you are thinking and feeling the world around you through your soul or spirit self, you feel an indescribable feeling of knowingness. You feel this amazing connection to everything around you in a new way. You can actually hear and feel the feeling of the trees, the animals, and the infinite love of the Universe.

Your soul is effortless. When you experience the world through your soul-self, your world becomes effortless. You become like a magnet attracting to you the situations, synchronicity, and the resources you need to help you succeed.

Your Ego really only wants to keep you safe. It puts up blocks as it thinks it is protecting you. It is time to look at the voice of your ego and see if it isn’t time to reprogram it  and allow it to be your support and guide to making things happen for you.

Your Angel Guidance is to listen and determine if it is Soul Talk or the Ego:

When your soul is in charge, you love and except things more deeply. You go through life with a wonderful easiness that isn’t there whenou follow the promptings of your ego. Listen carefully to your self talk and remember that you set the tone by which you experience the world around you. In turn, the angels want to remind you that You also set the tone for the way the world experiences you. Let your soul be your guide to a better way.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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