Angel Guidance

I found this wonderful little Guardian Angels Prayer I had not heard before. I thought it was the perfect little post for Christmas and the best wish to pass along to you.


Sometimes when you have difficulty falling asleep a sweet little prayer like this one can help you fall asleep more easily. Ask your angels to surround you in their ‘angel wings’ and hold you all night long. You will drift off in the feelings of love, feeling safe, and secure. Your angels say to just quiet yourself and you will feel their loving light touch your heart. All you need to do is ask and they are there.

Prayer is the asking. Your angels are waiting, standing by, for your clarion call. What is it you would like for them to know? Ask as you begin to drift off to sleep at night and know they are working on your behalf to make things happen.

Your Angel Guidance for today is feel your guardian angels prayer and surround yourself in love:

The night has fallen, The day is done.

The moon has taken the place of the sun.

Close your eyes and snuggle up tight,

Angels are watching over you tonight.

And snuggle up with your angels as your drift off into your dream time.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! 

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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