Today I am getting ready for a bit of an adventure and so I invoke my Angels to ensure a safe journey and a grand adventure. I find when I do this I am more aware of my surroundings and yet also more grounded to my immediate environment.


I am taking a trip with a friend to pick up my first crystal bowl and I am kind of excited. This is a 19 inch singing bowl that you play to make sounds of healing. I have wanted a bowl for so very long and today is the big day. We have decided to make this journey a quest and just be open to whatever the energy guides us. Our only goal is to pick up the bowl, explore and energy what unfolds.

When I do this I always feel guided by my angels. I see light to show me where to go and I trust in that. It makes the adventure more fun, and I am truly looking forward to this one!

I set my intention for the journey when we are all seated in the car and ready to go. If time is important, I like to include when I arrive at points on my journey.  For example, if I need to catch a ferry and timing is important, I program that into my journey. When I do this, I have actually been the last car  loaded on a few times. I always thank my angels for their help especially those times when I was the lucky last one!

Your Angel Guidance is to set your intention before you begin a journey:

I ask my angels to surround me in the light of love and protection for my journey. To make me aware of anything I need to be aware of and that I experience wildlife on the side of the road and the beauty of nature as I explore.

It really is that simple. When I set my intention for my journey they are more fun. I feel more grounded and actually aware of my surroundings and I am often gifted with some magnificent experiences.

On a trip a few weeks ago, I was gifted with witnessing a beautiful bald eagle dancing a spiral dance right in front me. He then swooped down to get some road kill that was beside my car. It was truly a sight to behold and I was thankful for the animal who gave its life so I have the opportunity to witness such a sight so close up. I truly felt my journey had been blessed.

So, I look forward to whatever adventure comes our way and welcome the opportunity to have wonderful experiences on my journey.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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