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Attaining  goals you have set up for yourself  can be  a difficult proposition, but only if we let it. We all seem to be naturally short sighted and willing to slip back into old comfortable behavioral modes and thinking. A great way to ensure that your goals will stay fresh in your mind is to get support from positive people around you.

People that are recovering from addiction understand the power of positive people in their lives. In my book, “The Law of Sobriety” I talk about how positive people can help in changing your thinking about yourself, your situation and your behavior. They will help you to see yourself as you want to be and will be willing to recognize your success and positive growth. They will also provide the encouragement that you need to keep thinking about the way you want thinks to be and not fall back into guilt and self-blame that will derail your attempts to move forward.

Sometimes finding positive people to encourage positive thoughts and energy in your world is not as easy as it seems. If you have an addiction, bad habit or a behavior that is problematic the people in your life may or may not actually want you to change. They may be codependent or they may be so negative and toxic that the thought of your progress is too much for them. They will keep pulling you back to the negative side and hindering your attempts to stay positive in your thoughts.

Three key traits of positive and proactive people can help in choosing those that need to stay in your life. These three traits include:

  • Honest – positive people are honest and open, they aren’t secretive and closed. They will share their lives with you with total transparency and will be able to provide supportive and constructive feedback and ideas.
  • Consistent – positive people are always positive. They aren’t just positive about their successes or positive about specific benefits, it is a universal aspect of their personality.
  • Genuine – positive people are interested in you and have the ability to share their positive energy when you need it. They are true and genuine and not just helping for self-gratification or glory.
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