A Moment of Change

Imagine being able to meet your inner wisdom and interact with all the depth of knowledge found in your remarkable body. 

Using the proven Somatic Recovery Technique and facilitated by celebrity therapist Sherry Gaba you will be guided to aspect of you that are ready to shared sacred secrets of YOUR HEALTH, YOUR WEALTH, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS…

Wisdom Within the Temple: The Body as a Gateway to Emotional Healing
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Sherry has discovered the most amazing system to access and transform any life challenge, whether it is a physical or emotional dis-ease, or an imbalance in abundance. 

All your wisdom, all your insights, all your healing is found within, and Sherry, through her remarkable Somatic Recovery Technique will guide you to that wisdom in this powerful 5-part teleseminar. 


Get ready to move your life to the next greatest levels and achieve a bright new expansion of life frequency that will delight and surprise you. Sherry’s simple seven-step process offers astonishing breakthroughs in mind-body wellness. 

In this very special five-part teleseminar, celebrity psychotherapist, author and life coach Sherry Gaba will take you on a journey to access the deepest wisdom found in your body for a transformative healing journey. 

Imagine spending 5 nights with Sherry who will introduce you to your internal sacred wisdom, and… YOU MIGHT EVEN GET A ONE-ON-ONE SESSION WITH SHERRY! 

Yep, Sherry will be opening the lines and working directly with individuals giving you a powerful gift of YOU. 


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