A Moment of Change

Are You Ready to Transform your Biggest Challenges of 2011 into Your Greatest Successes and Easily Make 2012 Your Most EXTRAordinary Year EVER?

That’s Right…..TRANSFORM!

It’s not realistic to wish away our challenges….these are instead the “springboards” that provide clarity to what it is we DO want.

The Questions:

What do you want?  How badly do you want it??

If you’ve had enough of the hurt, frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, worry and pain, crisis after crisis, anguish, upheaval and drama and if you’re ready to embrace Life to its fullest…and awaken to your full potential with joy, optimism, connection, vitality, passion, energy and direction…

You are invited to join Karen and Salma’s:

The Inner Healing Compass News

“Life Uplifted Series” (Eight weeks to Transforming Your Life…More Than You Ever Thought Possible)


I am speaking this Tuesday , Nov. 29, at 1:00 pm. Eastern time it would mean the world to me if I knew you were there!Replay available for 48 hoursafter my call.


Even though the series has already started they will be offering ongoing replays…..Speaking at the Teleseminar series so far are these experts::
Randy Gage, Steve Sisgold, Debi Silber, Brad Yates, Steve G Jones, Melissa Kitto, Pamala Oslie, Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, Amy Flynn, Bill Bauman, Carolyn Cooper, Elisha Goldstein, Melanie Smith, Doug Vermeeren, Bruce Muzik, Kaitlyn Keyt, Dr. Dain Heer, Carolyn Cabelo, Derek Rydall, Dr. Michael Smith, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Kurek Ashley, Inna Segal, Dr. DeMartini, Michael McMaster and perhaps even some additional  surprise guests!

Mix these 24 incredible speakers, add 2 passionate and caring Teleseminar hosts, dedicate  weeks to integrate this wisdom into your life.  Adjust according to your personal preferences ….and VOILA!  Serve your Uplifted Life with a smile to everyone you meet.
You can listen to ongoing selected replays for 48 hours by registering at:
Make sure you check out the contests inside to see how you can win $ prizes too!

Warm regards,

Sherry Gaba, LCSW


P.S. ~ Remember, there are a limited number of virtual seats available for this absolutely free series, and they’re likely to fill up fast. Take action right now and join us while the opportunity is in front of you now.

Sign up here:


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