The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness
Author: Thompson, Colin
Illustrator: Thompson, Colin

One Friday on his way home from school, George visited the animal shelter. There, in the very last cage, was Jeremy, a dog who looked as lost and as lonely as George. When Jeremy goes home to live with George and his grandmother, their whole lives change, and they learn that when it comes to love, it’s quality not quantity that counts…

I’ve read it more than ten times now and I can still feel so much empathy for the child protagonist and so much joy when he finally finds happiness.  I loved how the issue of “disability” is turned into an adventure for a child.  No moping and judgment–just the sheer sense of awe as a child figures out how to love and live with a dog with only three legs.

The story, its message and artwork all work together seamlessly to create a wonderful book that is as full of happiness and sadness as life itself.


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