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By Bruce Weinstein


At the outset of this book, readers are invited to take a quiz.  It is a challenging quiz..because it unearths our ethical shortfalls.  I consider myself to be kind and honest and even still, the practice of ethical intelligence is not as deeply rooted in my life as I imagined.

Bruce Weinstein suggests these tenets in his book Ethical Intelligence.  “Do no harm. Make things better. Respect others. Be fair. Be loving.”

But these five simple principles when put into practice lead to a much more ethical, and happier, life.

Weinstein does a great job of clearly and simply defining each principle.  I like the examples he uses–which are culled from a diverse range of sources.

I liked this book.  I felt that it would be a great book to introduce to new employees during corporate training or to freshman students at colleges and graduate schools.  I could see how this quiz would also be interesting for professionals of all types to take midway into their careers–to remind ourselves that the practice of ethics should increase (not decrease) over time.

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