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Eat & Play: A Kit for Children’s Mealtimes
By Chronicle Books

Gifting Review: I wish I could eat at restaurants more often.  But with a 3-year old in tow, it’s just impossible to make it through a fancy dinner without half of the dinner (and tableware) ending up on the floor.

Some of my friends bring Game Boys and portable DVD players to restaurants–but I prefer a more low-tech distraction for my daughter.

That’s why I was inspired by this gift–the Eat & Play set includes place mats and crayons with truly interesting diversions for little hands and minds.  Instead of the usual images you find on kid-friendly restaurant place mats, this set includes mazes, trivia, coloring areas, new words and other puzzles to help an entire family enjoy a meal out.

The crayons were a bit difficult to use (perfect for toddlers, less useful for children) and I wished for better colors and graphics on some of the place mats, but overall I really liked this gift box.  Its practical, fun and easy to take on holiday journeys.

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