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Wisdom of the Plant Devas: Herbal Medicine for a New Earth
By Thea Summer Deer


The idea of plants as medicine or sources of healing is becoming more mainstream.  But aside from smoothie supplements and herbal teas, it’s hard to get a really good education in how plants heal.

This book—authored by a lifelong herbalist who was trained by many healers—is a short, dense education on the extraordinary healing powers of roughly 15 plants.  When you read it, don’t worry too much about whether you recognize the names of the plants or where you might buy them.  Instead, the book inspired me to cement my belief that nature has extraordinary healing power (rather than the more mainstream ideas that pills or cough syrup or pharmaceutical products heal).

The book is detailed and not every lay person will want to know this much about each plant covered and it’s healing power.  But I do recommend reading it from cover to cover first—and then using it as a reference book to understand how to use the plants covered.  My only critique of the book is that I wanted the book to offer a more encyclopedic view of plants and healing.

Of course, the book will not replace the need to visit a doctor or healing professional.  But it does equip the average person with enough knowledge to use certain plants as part of their personal healing plans.

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