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Seeds of Freedom: Cultivating a Life that Matters

By: Heather Marie Wilson

Review: Seeds of Freedom is a lovely, easy read for those of you who love gardens and have an interest in spirituality.  Wilson easily intertwines the two themes using fresh metaphors that delight.  She first tells the story of her own challenges–feeling stuck in a corporate job, wishing for a healthy relationship, wondering why she was always too busy to have the life she wanted.  These are common problems in modern America–and Heather’s honesty quickly establishes a connection between author and reader.

Her solution began with a garden. She started cultivating a small garden and it taught her to slow down, savor the small miracles in everyday life and to eat/think more slowly than she had before.

It is a heart-warming idea to think of how much we can learn from growing a small collection of herbs on our terrace–and how those lessons can multiply as we take the time to learn real life lessons from a small patch of soil.

Heather also describes some of the ways in which gardening helped her heal from a by-gone love affair and from the many hurts she accumulated during her fast, corporate life.

Recommended for: This is a perfect read for a vacation, for the springtime and for anyone looking for small projects that can have a big impact on their lives.

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